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Plaza Stone is an innovative quartz composite - man-made stone (agglomerate, quartz agglomerate, agglomerated stone, compound stone, engineered stone, artificial stone), extracted using the Bretonstone technology.

The Bretonstone technology is developed by Breton (Italy) and is an exclusive technology of extraction of composites from rock fractions of various sizes by vacuum vibrocompression.

The main material for Plaza Stone is pure vein quartz, crushed, washed, dried and sorted into rock fractions of various sizes. The quartz for Plaza Stone is supplied from India, Turkey and Russia.

Crushed natural fine quartz is mixed with polyester resin and coloring material. Then the mixture is loosened, distributed into rubber molds and fed into a vacuum vibrocompressor.

The manufacturing process includes three procedures – vibration, compression and air exhaust. At the end a homogenized mixture of high density is obtained.

Then the material is fed into an oven and heated. The polyester resin is polymerized – it is hardened binding together all the mixture.

After that, the product is transferred to the refrigeration line. An absolutely homogeneous, solid material resistant to chemical and mechanical effects is obtained. The elasticity of the resin makes it harder than natural stone.

The produced tiles are calibrated, ground and polished with diamond tools.

The average time of production of one tile, before calibration, is 4 (!) minutes.

To produce Plaza Stone, we use a number of Breton’s know-how ideas, unparalleled by any other company in the world!