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World famous quartz stone surfaces known under different trademarks (Technistone, SantaMargherita, Quarella, Zodiaq, Silestone, Caesarstone, etc.) is used when high durability of surface combined with high decorative properties is needed:

— Kitchen countertops;

— Bath vanities countertops;

— Bar and reception counters;

— Swimming pool facing;

— Wall decoration;

— Flooring;

— Staircases;

— Windowsills;

— Fireplaces.

The tiles are used in finishing of subway and railway stations, airports, malls, hotels and leisure sites, as well as facades of residential and non-residential buildings.

With its high density, anti-absorption and low water absorption, the material proved to be a good solution for facing of swimming pools, WCs, bathrooms and other premises requiring a high level of sanitation and hygiene.

Quartz agglomerate is acknowledged as the best material for manufacturing countertops, reception desks and bar counters, staircases, windowsills, etc. High bending strength allows producing items measured in running meters: railings, skirts, ledges, sub-backs, mirror frames, picture frames, etc.