About Us

Our company ISB Impex Inc. is the exclusive distributor of the plant in the production of quartz stone under the trademark Plaza Stone.

The plant is equipped with Italian equipment Bretonstone, the most advanced kind for higher class of composite materials.

Product manufactured using the technology Bretonstone well known in the world market under the brand names Technistone, SantaMargherita, Quarella, Zodiaq, Silestone, CaesarStone and many other brands.

Quartz Stone

The surface area of quartz stone is exported through official representatives of many countries. This product is now becoming a leader in the decorating and tiling.

Our specialists together with the plant are constantly expanding product line, introducing new technologies based on changing market conditions.

Our experience, dedication and selflessness, and trust of our partners and customers and, most importantly, the mood our company together with Plazastone, allow us to look positively at the future, to develop and improve themselves, make plans and feel happy in their new achievements and victories.